Version 3

Version 3: Unified Site Design

December 19, 2023

Thanks to the support of people like you, on December 18th, 2023 version 3 of was released!

Version 3 is all about unifying the experience of using Everything should act and feel integrated and intuitive. The update includes a complete overhaul of the project gallery and gallery pages, a new sidebar menu for easy access to different features of the site, improved navigation between pages, and improved sharing capabilities.

Updated Project Gallery Pages

Hundreds of user-created projects have been shared to the Project Gallery since it opened in June, 2022. Previously, all the project gallery pages were hosted on a separate website (formerly at In version 3, the separate site is gone and instead project gallery pages are integrated into the main site. So now project gallery pages look and feel like the rest of the site. All the old project gallery pages will automatically be redirected to their new addresses.

For example, an old project url like this:

is now:

There are two benefits to this change. First, the project gallery pages look better. They can take advantage of whatever theme you've chosen, and they act like a first-class citizen of the site. The other benefit is that they are easier to maintain. I don't have to maintain two separate sites.

Improved Navigation Between Pages

There's a new site-wide menu for switching between different tools and pages. On smaller screens open the top menu, and on bigger screens you can easily show or hide the navigation sidebar on the left. Switching between pages is also now faster and smoother.

Easily Share a Yarn Palette, Colorway Search, or Weather Forecast Page

In the Yarn Colorway Finder, Yarn Palette Creator, or Weather Forecast tools, click the share icon at the top of the page to get a shareable link to that page.

Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, and More

Version 3 includes dozens of other small changes and improvements. It's faster and more stable. Supporters are also featured on the Supporters page.

I'm grateful for your support to continue improving this service for people all around the world. If you have any questions or issues with version 3 of the site, feel free to email me at [email protected].