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June, 2024


Layout Fixes Fixed text wrapping issues

May, 2024


Added Yarn: Premier - Retro Velvet 28 colorways

April, 2024


Added Yarn: Rosários 4- For Nature 42 colorways

Modified Design Changed some modals to drawers on smaller screens.


Modified Design Simplified the Project Planner layout by removing section headings.


Modified Design Rearranged items the navigation sidebar, simplified the page footer, added analytics cookie confirmation, added Getting Started guide, and added Privacy and Contact pages.

March, 2024


Repaired Saved Projects' Weather Data Issue In some cases when opening a saved project, an invalid elevation parameter would be included when requesting weather data from Meteostat. This update checks for a valid elevation parameter when the project is loaded, and updates it if needed.


Added Yarn: BC Garn - Allino 32 colorways


Added Yarn: Knit Picks - Stroll 47 colorways


Fixed Undo & Redo Buttons Fixed an issue with the Undo and Redo buttons not working correctly in some cases.


Added Yarn: Himalaya - Everyday 76 colorways


Added Yarn: Bernat - Softee Baby 22 colorways

Added Yarn: Bernat - Softee Cotton 14 colorways

Added Yarn: Himalaya - Everyday Worsted 42 colorways

February, 2024


Added Yarn: Scheepjes - Softfun 92 colorways

Added Yarn: Yarnsmiths - Create DK 120 colorways

Repaired Weather Data Request When getting weather data from Meteostat, some requests would include an invalid elevation parameter. The issue has been fixed by removing the invalid elevation parameter from the request.


Added Note for Recent Weather Data New alert visuals and revised text clarify that recent weather data can change as weather sources get the latest information. For projects with missing or recent weather data, see the Weather section for more information. You can also read the explanation in the FAQs.


Updated Yarn: Loops & Threads - Impeccable Added 2 more colorways


Added Yarn: Stylecraft - Naturals Bamboo + Cotton 47 colorways


Added Feature: Lock Colorways When generating random colorways, lock the ones you like and generate new ones for the rest. In the palette creator, in the Random colorways tool, tap or hover over a colorway to view the lock button.


Added Yarn: DROPS - Baby Merino 52 colorways

Added Yarn: DROPS - Merino Extra Fine 46 colorways

Added Yarn: Loops & Threads - Silky Soft 21 colorways


Added Yarn: Hobbii - Friends Wool 56 colorways


Default High Temperatures New projects now use the daily high instead of the daily average temperature by default. You can change this by customizing ranges in the Colors section and by changing layout options in the Preview sections.


Added Yarn: Hobbii - Friends Cotton Silk 23 colorways

Added Yarn: Sandnes - Sunday 54 colorways

Updated Yarn: Loops & Threads - Impeccable Added 7 more colorways

New - Yarn Colorways API Developers can use the API to find yarn by color in their apps. Yarn Colorways API


Added Yarn: Skeinz - Eros 12 colorways

January, 2024


Added Yarn: Knit Picks - Brava Tweed 15 colorways


Added Yarn: Berroco - Remix 28 colorways

Updated Yarn: Berroco - Remix Light 3 new colorways

Added Yarn: Big Twist - Heather 9 colorways

Fixed an issue when setting a default yarn


Added Yarn: Caron - Simply Soft Brites 7 colorways

Added Yarn: Garnmanufaktur - LoLa Bobbel Solo 122 colorways

Added Yarn: Hobbii - Tweed Dreams 31 colorways

Added Yarn: Nako - Elit Baby 64 colorways


Added Yarn: DROPS - Loves You 7 57 colorways

Added Yarn: DROPS - Loves You 9 19 colorways

Added Yarn: Hobby Lobby - I Love This Cotton Yarn 40 colorways

Updated Yarn: Loops & Threads - Impeccable 2 added colorways


Minor UI Changes Modified placement and design of some sections and buttons to look nicer on both smaller and larger screens.

Multiple Locations Date Issue Fixed issue when changing dates on some projects with multiple locations.


Added Yarn: Bernat - Blanket 28 colorways

Added Yarn: Big Twist - Shine 12 colorways

Added Yarn: Cascade - Heritage 110 colorways

Added Yarn: Schachenmayr - Catania 102 colorways

Added Yarn: YarnArt - Jeans 64 colorways


Interactive Color Palettes View or edit colors directly from the palette preview. Tap or hover over a color palette to see or edit details.

Yarn Palette Gallery Browse user-created yarn colorway combinations. View the Yarn Palette Gallery.


Added Yarn: DROPS - Nepal 44 colorways

Added Yarn: Scheepjes - Chunky Monkey 93 colorways

Added Yarn: Svarta Fåret - Ulrika Ullgarn 49 colorways

Updated Yarn: Lionbrand - Truboo 5 new colorways


Added Yarn: Elle - Charity DK 72 colorways

Added Yarn: Hobbii - Unicorn Solid 27 colorways


Updated Yarn: Big Twist - Value 11 new colorways

Added Yarn: Svarta Fåret - Tilda 67 colorways


Added Yarn: DROPS - Cotton Light 34 colorways

Added Yarn: DROPS - Karisma 48 colorways


Added Yarn: Hobby Store - Aran Anti-Pill 51 colorways

Added Yarn: Loops & Threads - Soft Classic 49 colorways

Added Yarn: Scheepjes - Scrumptious 80 colorways

December, 2023


Added Yarn: Fiddlesticks - Finch 53 colorways

Added Yarn: Fiddlesticks - Posie 41 colorways

Added Yarn: Fiddlesticks - Wren 52 colorways

Added Yarn: Hobbii - Highland Wool 31 colorways

Added Yarn: Hobbii - Honey Bunny 36 colorways

Added Yarn: Lion Brand - Basic Stitch Anti-Microbial 12 colorways

Added Yarn: Sirdar - Heyfield Bonus DK 103 colorways


Fixed Issue with Daytime Data not Displaying


Updated Site Design New sidebar navigation, unified design accross all pages, and improved performance. Read the blog post about Version 3


Added Yarn: Premier - Afternoon Cotton 37 colorways

Added Yarn: Lion Brand - Hue + Me 30 colorways

November, 2023


Added Yarn: Premier - Anti-Pilling Everyday DK 74 colorways

Added Yarn: Berocco - Vintage Baby 29 colorways

Added Yarn: Patons - Classic Wool Worseted Yarn 49 colorways

October, 2023


Added Yarn: Knit Picks - Palette 156 colorways


Added Offline Features Use the Yarn Palette Creator and Yarn Colorway Finder even without internet connection. Install or add the page to your homescreen as a Progressive Web App.


Added Yarn: Premier - Basix DK

Added New Colorways: Premier - Basix Worsted


Added Yarn: Hobbi - Happy Place

Added Yarn: Patons - Astra


Range Configuration One place for setting up and editing all color ranges. Instantly see how changing one range affects the others near it, without having to open a new modal for each color. Go to the Colors tab and press the Configure Ranges button, or select the range from the color list.

New Smart Ranges Automatically generate ranges containing similar number of days. On by default for new projects. Only applies to Temperature Gauges. Adjust the settings in the Colors tab by pressing the Configure Ranges button, under Generate Ranges select Automatic, then select from the Balance Focus modes.

September, 2023


Added yarn: Patons - Canadiana

Added yarn: Hobbii - Rainbow Cotton 8/4

New Themes! Use the Theme Switcher at the top of the page or in the menu to change the look and feel of the page.

Yarn Colorway Finder Search for yarn colorways by HTML color name or hex code. Open the Yarn Colorway Finder

Improved Website Accessibility


Added yarn: Hobbii - Amigo

August, 2023


New Weather Forecast Page Hourly and daily temperature and precipitation data from Open-Meteo. See the Weather Forecast page

July, 2023


Error Correction Fixed issue with the Weather Source setting unexpectedly changing when using Undo or Redo.


Updated Versioning System Previous version numbers didn't always follow the SemVer format, causing problems with some features.


Added Yarn: Yarn and Colors - Epic 125 colorways


Weather Sources Changed the default weather source from Meteostat to Open-Meteo.

April, 2023


Image Palette Get yarn colors from an image. In the Colors tab or on the Yarn Palette Creator page, press the Image Palette button to get colors from an image.

March, 2023


Save Projects to Your Browser When you save a project, it will automatically be saved to your browser so you can find it later.

Edit Weather Data Select a value from the weather data table to edit it.

Import Weather Data In the Weather tab, press the Import Weather Data button to upload a CSV file.

January, 2023


Weekly Weather Data Grouping weather by weeks makes for a shorter project. In the Weather tab, select Weekly.


Range Calculation Methods Change how gauge ranges are calculated In the Colors tab, press the Configure Ranges button, then press Advanced Controls.

August, 2022


Improved Website Performance Switched to using Svelte instead of vanilla Javascript.

June, 2022


Project Gallery Created the project gallery to showcase user-created projects. In the Preview tab, press the Share to Gallery Button

February, 2022


Fixed Unit Conversion Issues


First Stable Version After a year of adding features, bug-fixing, and fixing issues, version one is stable and ready for use.

January, 2022


Save Project in URL In order to improve the accuracy and functionality of the site both now and in the future, this update unfortunately includes breaking changes to previously saved projects. I apologize for any inconvenience, and will try to limit the amount of these kinds of changes in the future. If you open a project created before January 22nd, 2022, you’ll need to update your project by entering missing information and re-saving it.

January, 2021

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